Why Mentor's Tag

Knowledge is great, but what practical use is it if you can’t put into practice?”-     Jennifer Megan Varnadore

Mentor’s Tag Story

Around the world, people learn, acquire and execute the methodologies that they have just freeze into their minds. But what about the adverse situation in Real-time, where the learning does not matter but what matters is the “Practicality” situation.

Mentor’s Tag was ideated to transform the learning experience into practical advancement for a course that stimulates the sense of identifying differences, logic and comprehend practical exposure to technology in the real world.


We tend to select a subject or a course of interest in the initial path of our learning stage. Gradually, when we dive deeper are left clueless because of two reasons – Technology advancements or someone to walk you through practically the right path along with conventional resources.

Additionally, people face a lot many other issues that deviate them from the path of excellence.

Who is a MENTOR?

The mentor is not just someone who teaches you or provides training on a particular course but they work as an enhancer for your career growth where they build up your confidence to solve your problems through self-analysis and mind-mapping.

They make sure that you do not deviate from your career path and help you to accelerate “never say die” thought-process to strengthen the foundation of the learning process and knowledge acquisition.

Practical dreamers do not quit.” – Napolean Hill

If you want to know How a coach or mentor can help you in being a peak performer we have a nice article written here.


Mentor’s Tag is built upon three pillars of a learning experience

Practice Labs


Online Training

With a thorough understanding, training people around the globe and solving real-world problems for corporates over the years we have identified the essential needs of a practical learning experience. This improvises an individual or a group to get skillfully acquainted with technology through hands-on learning exclusively designed by Mentors helping them to understand and solve real-world problems saving every minute and highly emphasize on rejuvenating their productivity with a brand new self-esteemed individual.

Practical intelligence is the ability that individuals use to find the best fit between themselves and the demands of the environment.

What’s in it for you?

After reading for a while there may be a cluster of questions revolving around within your inner mind as

  • Are you stuck somewhere in the middle of your career path having no idea what to do NEXT?
  • Finding it difficult to FIGURE OUT whether your career graph is exponential or consistently deteriorating?
  • Why is everything WRONG happening with you?
  • Will you be able to lift yourself high in the sky with all that DESIRE you want to fulfill?

The simple and sober answer for all your question is

When you take up a practical-driven course at Mentor’s Tag our mentors help you to develop skillsets and abilities for a particular technology using practical labs, online training, quizzes, polls, videos and on-call support that provide extensive stability to withstand the competitive demand as a stalwart.

Learning with a PRACTICAL ENVIRONMENT helps you self-sustain & tackle any situation that comes under your way. When you learn a course, put into practice and prioritize your career goals with our eminent mentors it helps you to set apart the technical aspirations with the exponential career growth.