What is Angular?

  • Angular is a TypeScript-based open-source web application framework, developed and maintained by Google. It offers an easy and powerful way of building front end web-based applications.
As per official site it is one framework for both mobile and desktop. Ref Link: http://angular.io

Which scripting language is supported for developing angular application?

  • TypeScript
  • DART (supported in angular 2 and 4 but nobody used it actually)

Which recent web browser supports TypeScript?

  • None of the browser supports TypeScript
  • Developers writes TypeScript code which gets compiled into ECMA Script based JavaScript Code so that it can run on web browsers.

What is Azure?

Azure is Cloud offered by Microsoft and that's why formally known as Microsoft Azure. It is offering mainly three kinds of services:

  • IAAS-Infrastructure As A Service
  • PAAS-Platform As A Service
  • SAAS-Software As A Service