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Exam AZ-204: Developing Solutions for Microsoft Azure

Implement IaaS solutions

  • provision virtual machines (VMs)
  • configure, validate, and deploy ARM templates
  • configure container images for solutions
  • configure container images for solutions
  • run containers by using Azure Container Instance

Create Azure App Service Web Apps

  • create an Azure App Service Web App
  • enable diagnostics logging
  • deploy code to a web app
  • configure web app settings including SSL, API settings, and connection strings
  • implement autoscaling rules including scheduled autoscaling and autoscaling by
    operational or system metrics

Implement Azure functions

  • create and deploy Azure Functions apps
  • implement input and output bindings for a function
  • implement function triggers by using data operations, timers, and webhooks
  • implement Azure Durable Functions
  • implement custom handlers

Develop solutions that use Cosmos DB storage

  • select the appropriate API and SDK for a solution
  • implement partitioning schemes and partition keys
  • perform operations on data and Cosmos DB containers
  • set the appropriate consistency level for operations
  • manage change feed notifications

Develop solutions that use blob storage

  • move items in Blob storage between storage accounts or containers
  • set and retrieve properties and metadata
  • perform operations on data by using the appropriate SDK
  • implement storage policies, and data archiving and retention

Implement user authentication and authorization

  • authenticate and authorize users by using the Microsoft Identity platform
  • authenticate and authorize users and apps by using Azure Active Directory
  • create and implement shared access signatures

Implement secure cloud solutions

  • secure app configuration data by using App Configuration Azure Key Vault
  • develop code that uses keys, secrets, and certificates stored in Azure Key Vault
  • implement solutions that interact with Microsoft Graph

Integrate caching and content delivery within solutions

  • configure cache and expiration policies
  • configure cache and expiration policies for Azure Redis Cache
  • implement secure and optimized application cache patterns including data sizing,
    connections, encryption, and expiration

Instrument solutions to support monitoring and logging

  • configure an app or service to use Application Insights
  • analyze and troubleshoot solutions by using Azure Monitor
  • implement Application Insights web tests and alerts

Implement API Management

  • create an APIM instance
  • configure authentication for APIs
  • define policies for APIs

Develop event-based solutions

  • implement solutions that use Azure Event Grid
  • implement solutions that use Azure Notification Hubs
  • implement solutions that use Azure Event Hub
  • import OpenAPI definitions

Develop message-based solutions

  • implement solutions that use Azure Service Bus
  • implement solutions that use Azure Queue Storage queues

AZ 204: Developing Solutions for Microsoft Azure

  • 32 hours live session
  • Proven Certification Plan
  • MS Official Courseware
  • Recorded Video Sessions
  • 1 on 1 Mentor Call
  • Official Exam Hands-on
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