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Hi, my name is Khushbu Vaishnav  Chavda. I am the founder of Nlpworld .I am an engineer turned Nlp coach and life coach, who blend a mixture of psychological and spiritual insight in our training. I believe in the value of teaching down-to-earth approach of Nlp.

Having found each other during our engineering studies, we realized that we have very similar values, goals, motivation and work ethics. I  have experienced some big changes in our lives through Nlp and want to enable as many people as possible to learn these empowering tools and techniques to make the changes in their life. I am fortunate to be doing what I love doing and don’t actually see what I do as work.

My Mission

My  mission is to help others become conscious of their entrapment and find liberation in any circumstances to achieve their desired goals in life. My goal is to provide a grounded and balanced perspective towards Life using Nlp. My mission is to help people embrace their inner strength through spiritual growth and self awareness. I strive towards empowering others and help them experience freedom, love, joy and peace in any stage of life

About me

I have juggled motherhood, a successful career, family, responsibilities, financial pressure and at times have dropped more than a few balls. Through my own Nlp learning journey, i realized that i didn’t have to stay on the hamster wheel of stress, guilt, overwork and entrapment for the rest of my life. I took control of my life and moved myself up the priority list of my own thinking and caring.

About Nlp

Nlp stands for Neuro linguistic programming. Neuro refers to your neurology, linguistic means language, programming refers to how that neural language functions.

In other words learning Nlp is like learning the language of mind.

Let’s make it simpler with an example. Have you ever tried to communicate with a child who has not yet learnt to talk? If you ask him to give you the tv remote, he will give you his toys. Because he thinks you’re asking for his toys. But when his mom tells him to do so, he’ll as once understand that and brings whatever is asked for.

Now most of us don’t have this mother child type of relationship between our conscious and subconscious mind. Our subconscious mind is like a child and conscious mind is like a mother.

We might think we are asking for happiness,peace and wealth but unless there is a bond, something is probably getting lost in the communication.

In Nlp, we say that conscious mind is the goal setter and the subconscious mind is the goal getter. If you don’t know how to communicate properly about what you want, it will keep on bringing what you don’t want.

Nlp is like a user’s manual for the brain and taking an Nlp training is like learning how to become fluent in the language of your mind so that your subconscious will finally understand what you actually seek in your life.

Nlp is a set of tools and techniques of excellent communication, both with yourself and others.

Mechanical engineer to being a life coach and nlp trainer.

The road to discovering my purpose of being a life coach has been amazing, but it wasn’t always clear. I never actually settle for what simply wasn’t for me. But i used what isn’t for me to discover what is for me. I got to know myself deeply in this journey of finding my purpose of life. I can feel that my life is 100% in my control when i started my work as a life coach and Nlp trainer. I get inspired by Tony Robbins and Les Brown. It was clear that i loved to apply works of personal development and spirituality.

How a lecturer of mechanical engineering became a life coach

I always was a planner. I was teaching mechanical engineering in ITM Universe college for 3years. I loved my students. Those young lives are full of energy and hope. I always planned to add a touch of creativity and motivation in my engineering lectures. It gave me satisfaction and joy. I began to seek more meaning in my life. This made me to decide that i should join my husband’s business to apply my knowledge to a larger scale.

I left the job and took a 2years break to raise my family. But during this time, my life at home began to change. I got a certificate training in NLP and became a certified NLP practitioner. I read many books. My daily routine includes meditation and yoga. I assessed what my best skills are and found that encouraging people was one of my greatest strengths.

I started coaching people on phone or through video conferencing. I am looking forward to help people, find their true purpose of life to the earliest.