C# Design Patterns Free

If you are not familiar with C# programming language basics and wants to become master of that or if you know basics of Design patterns and following questions disturb you like

– What is Design Patterns ?
– How can i answer design patterns questions in interview ?
– How Many design patterns are there and where can i use it ?
– How can i compare one design pattern with other so that i can use it in my project requirement ?

Then this Course is answer of these questions plus lot more.

In my career i have given number of interviews and also conducted many interviews and i know that Design pattern is a nightmare for the novice developers and even for the experienced people they struggle to understand about the actual architecture of the patterns and how to implement it in projects.

I am sure my students will like this course and this course will be helpful for them for their professional career.

Module 01: Introduction of the Course

Lesson 01: Introduction

Module 02 : SOLID Principles with Code sample

Lesson 02: SRP-Single Responsibility Principle
Lesson 03: OCP-Open Closed Principle
Lesson 04: LSP-Liskov Substitution Principle Part 1
Lesson 05: LSP-Liskov Substitution Principle part 2

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Lectures : 5
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