Ready to massively UPLEVEL your game and make 2020 the best year of your life ?


    Are you amongst those who want to repeat your past mistakes even in 2020?

    Here’s a word from me: Step out from your comfort zone, prick your fear bubble and completely silence the hustle in your mind. Squash your inner critic and negative beliefs in one go!!

    Are you amongst those who hate to stay in a frozen state and do not know the way forward to conquer the world?

    Here’s your chance: to push the reality button and take giant leaps towards MASSIVE SUCCESS !

    Aren’t you one among those important people who wants to throw away fear, in-confidence and skepticism aside and step up to the task of re-shaping your life.

    So, what’s the point wasting your life in a below-par, frustrated and tired existence just like so many lives go down the drain like low self-esteem people who lack self- belief and clarity and blame it on their hard-luck.

    Aren’t you amongst those who want complete control over your thoughts and emotions and bridge the gap between your dreams and current realities?

    So, why not take steps to MASTER your inner game and exponentially sculpt your emotions and actions for consistent growth.

    But guess what? Life just doesn’t change with a flash of magic wand UNLESS
    you decide to take ACTION NOW and stop getting lost in the crowd.

    So just start taking these first 90 days of 2021 like a complete new opportunity to create a beautiful, successful and happy life you had always wanted for yourself.

    YES, you are a power performer. And if NOT NOW then it will be NEVER !

    Make a huge commitment to yourself to accelerate your life and make this 2021 the most memorable and historical year of your life.

    This is what the “ TOP GEAR ACCELERATOR “ is all about

    An elite class digital course which helps you to imbibe 5 pioneering principles and 7 proven strategies to accelerate your productivity and performance to create a world class BUSINESS and LIFE.

    This platinum digital course of the year has transformed thousands of individuals and hundreds of organization’s across the globe to up-level their performance, unleash their productivity, optimize their creativity, lead a rich lifestyle and imprint their presence on the planet.

    This change catalyst, extremely result oriented powerhouse online program is constructed for incredible people like you who want to make revolutionary changes in their lives within just a short span of 90 days.

    This step by step content rich and user friendly system will make sure that you get the most advanced scientifically researched materials and high value life changing 9 video modules, 6 mastermind calls, 3 webinars and 3 Q&A sessions plus endless success aids to deep dive into each resource and fully understand the concepts of using these critical tools to achieve remarkable results in the most important areas of your life.

    PLUS! This online format allows you to conveniently learn from anywhere in the world and whenever it best suits your schedule, whether you choose to study from home, office or during your travel plans. You have immense flexibility to learn at your own pace in tandem with the MASTERMIND group and evolve manifolds.


    I am extremely committed to upscale your life. ARE YOU!  Make the decision now for 100 x growth with this easy, practical, fun -filled and iconic system and be awe-stuck with your own-self.                                                   

    About Jigna Tanna

    She has coached more than a million lives across the globe including high net worth individuals,corporates, business houses, elite educational institutions, Bollywood personalities, politicians to laymen.
    Her presence is felt in more then 20+ countries like USA, UK, South Africa, Philippines, Mauritius,
    Dubai and many more. Her forte is to help organizations and individuals accelerate their Growth Grid to escalating heights. With a sound educational background and armed with a PHD, she started her
    entrepreneurial journey almost 2 decades back. Overpowering innumerable challenges by using the
    unique secrets of “ Law Of Performance Code” created by her, has pushed her to design an intense, life changing system named “ THE TOP GEAR ACCELERATOR “ and other high voltage programs to put
    high performing individuals in the topmost track of success. ‘ The Top Gear Accelerator Show’ is a series of topics wherein every personality type will experience a powerful framework of rules to skyrocket their productivity , learn simple techniques to avoid stumble blocks and be a complete game changer in the arena called ‘life’. So, a warm welcome to all Action Takers in this ‘Powerhouse Journey’.


    A Complete walkthrough the Program

    9 Video Modules


    This encompassing video series is an in-depth course to see the blind spots in life, make tough decisions, build self-awareness, eliminate mental blocks, make logical choices, hold space for change, increase leadership skills, strategize business pivots, design an actionable plan and create structures for success.

    Wearing a belief badge :

    This module is designed to cultivate a super strong and powerful belief system to generate high self-worth to overcome certain limitations, filter possible ‘thought-viruses’ and develop an  empowering winning belief system and shift big time.

    Charisma of Clarity

    This module is fired up with 3 triggers that elite performers use towards water-transparent clarity in their goals through the process of keen self-introspection and persistently reflect these triggers which will provide insights to utilize your untapped and unlimited potential to achieve greatness.

    Concord Confidence

    Confidence is a quality which is intrinsic one’s existence. It is like placing trust on one’s self and certitude about one’s self-worth. The scientifically researched 7 technique’s framework in this module is an indispensable tool which gives one the validation to achieve the most cherished goals and ambitions to gain new heights and claim every pinnacle of success.

    Ladder to Leadership

    Leaders stand stronger and higher in their adversity zone and use failures as their stepping stones to success. This module is created to help you explore your own capabilities, upgrade your decision making process, amplify your performance and smash your breakthrough limitations and be your own ideal.

    Escaping Fear

    FEAR is one of the biggest element which can stab one’s confidence and put anyone on this planet on a complete NON-ACTION ZONE. This module guides you on how to escape from your Fake Fears to get rid of the negative demons in your head and overcome ‘the back-lash effect’ and preserve your emotional and mental state at an epitome level.

    The optimal path to conviction

    Individuals who often lack conviction in themselves usually feel uneasy, shy, uncertain, worthless and uncomfortable most of the times. Their physical presence, social confidence, peer independence, personal relationships, in fact everything in their life is impacted. This module emphasizes on how to instill the SELF-CONVICTION ANALYZER to create winning outcomes and be a source of excellence.

    The Power of Influence

    Powerful INFLUENCERS are those people who constantly inspire themselves and others and are always on the spotlight and striding on a composed mode. Who in this world would not want to be a powerhouse of influence? This module speaks about ‘mastering the art of influence’ and the 7 SPECTRUMS of INFLUENCE which will help to release the ‘inner bully’ and be ‘on the go’ always.

    Skyrocketing Productivity

    This module totally lays stress on measuring your productivity paradigm while facing uncertainties and performing  un-deterredly with a tight-fist to bring a MASSIVE IMPACT on achieving your set goals.

    Creating a Game Changing Attitude

    This module focuses on taking massive action persistently in-spite of facing innumerable failures and on how to jump start to gain constant momentum to leverage your strengths at the optimal level to attain the maximum outcome in life and business.

    These cutting edge, ultra inspirational modules guide you to shift from victim mode towards VICTORY MODE to craft a world class life you have always yearned for and focus on giant goals by learning simple tactics on how to break free from interruptions, distractions and addictions and tap on opportunities and make real changes with speed and ease.

    6 Webinars

    The absolute impactful pre-recorded webinar series will push you forward in the action zone so that you will be able hard-wire the effective success techniques which are inbuilt in the program and will aid like a clarity snap shot to bring an awesome mental shift and show you the most advanced tactics on –


      How to kill self-sabotaging thoughts and become a NEW BEHAVIOR GENERATOR

      How to apply 6 TACTICS to ‘ MASTER THE MINDSET’

      How to attain 5 SIMPLE STRATEGIES to go through the ‘ECOLOGY OF GOALS’

      How to imbibe 3 EASY ELEMENTS on learning to fire fight failures and utilize the LAW OF EFFORTS to gain momentum in life

      How to learn THE SCIENCE OF CONFIDENCE to contour circumstances, expectations and performance and square up highly competent actions into irresistible achievements.

    3 Mastermind Discovery calls

    These mastermind discovery calls bring in 5 scientifically proven strategies to help peak up your performance and nose dive into routines of elite performers and learn and imply their fundamental success truths like:

      How to utilize the 5 INFLUENCE OPTIMIZERS

      How to learn 3 SIMPLE KEYS to make FAILURES work for you

      How to build a RESILIENCE RESERVOIR

    3 Q&A Sessions

    Live, super interactive Q&A sessions along with the global masterminds on designing and shaping the theory of knowing the real purpose of life and evaluating and enhancing attributes like strengths, abilities and strategically de-cluttering the emotional clogs being faced in business and life. These Q&A sessions will be an opportunity of a lifetime to brainstorm with the mightiest of mindsets and work persistently on issues like:

      How to identify and understand your 5 BALANCE POINTS to reflect on challenges

    ✓  How to utilize the 3 KEY PRINCIPLES to get UNSTUCK from emotional edges

    ✓  How to instill 5 HABITS towards PROJECT POSITIVITY


    Plus the Bonus weekly reinforcements:

    For the next 12 weeks, you receive inspiring, encouraging, success-oriented Assignments/ Blog-posts/ Quotes/ Podcasts/ Newsletters from this power-packed system to have an unwavering commitment towards leapfrogging your own personal and professional achievement.

    Plus Another Awesome Bonus “The Grit Journal”

    A complete 90 day aspirational system for extreme ACTION-TAKERS that help to map the daily progress and get the best insights + inspiration that billionaires, CEOs and famous entrepreneurs have gained from this program to exponentially grow their fortunes, multiply their performance and live beautiful lifestyles. Your life will never be the same after maintaining ‘The Grit Journal’.

    Testimonial from our leaders :

    ‘The top gear accelerate’ has invisibly fragmented my potential and unblocked my creativity at an exceptional stage in my career and personal life. With the right level of insights and feedback I have again been in the driver’s seat zipping away at rocket speed.

    George Khalife [Hollywood’s most famous jeweler]

    I was trapped in a glass bubble staring vaguely out at the world. My life was completely blurred. Suddenly I jumped in the top gear accelerator system which gave me inspiration and tools to explore the possibility of successfully starting my own business that I could make it work. I now in such a timeline of the day that I am running 2 businesses simultaneously in full throttle with renewed confidence.

    – Dhawal Kamath [CEO EBIX Philippines]

    ‘The Top Gear Accelerator’ has created a snowball effect guiding me through all the myriad reasons towards a better life and freedom from old, damaging thought patterns. I am thankful for all the charismatic, fun demeanor, value-full modules which makes the course very easy to follow. I am taking detailed action towards my goals. I just wanted to express my deepest appreciation and gratitude!

    – Pranav Shah [CEO Samarth Life Sciences. Malaysia, Dubai, India]

    Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

    What Exactly is the TOP GEAR ACCELERATOR all about ?

    ‘THE TOP GEAR ACCELERATOR’ is a pathway which provides you the essence to discover your potential to explore the many opportunities you never knew were waiting for you and clear the fog of confusion by activating your inner control system to bail you out from bad emotions so that you can restore your normalcy when uprooted by hard situations with persistence, grit and an unshakeable determination to change your pre-conditioned thought process and empower new habits leading to huge gains in your performance, passion, clarity and success in life.

    What will I gain form the TOP GEAR ACCELERATOR mechanism ?

    The quantum theory incorporated in the Top Gear Accelerator mechanism acts like a magic bullet to evolve beyond stagnation points in life and continuously create stimuli on :

    • How to master the ‘persuasion influencer levers’ for a successful life.
    • How to imply a ‘millionaire mindset belief’.
    • How to discover the secrets to align with the invisible ‘laws of success’
    • How to develop the ideal ‘dreams, visions, missions, purpose’ for 100x growth.
    • How to prioritize and value commitments from ‘start-to-action-to execution’.
    • How to create a continuous ‘thrust of action mode’.
    • How to create ‘extraordinary results’ in all areas of life with incredible ease and power.
    How long will it take to gain access?

    You will get immediate access! Your user ID to the program will be generated and provided to you ASAP so you can start your online video courses right away!

    How accessible is the membership site?

    The membership site is fully mobile responsive and displays beautifully on all your devices. All audio and videos are compatible with your smartphones, laptops, tablets, desktops and run smoothly on Mac, PC, IOS and Android. Also interactive transcripts are included with every module.


    How interactive is this system?

    Powered by Light speed VT, one of the most effective and engaging web-based training systems out there, these highly interactive sessions allow the user to take marathon success in doubling their growth.



    How is this training system different from other training system?

    This ‘ cut-to-chase ‘ system will help you to grow 100x in terms  of experiencing unlimited prosperity, mind-blowing opportunities, framework to navigate through hidden blocks, maximum level of confidence, financial and emotional breakthroughs, call to action and ultimate achievements.

    LEARNING AT YOUR OWN SPEED: There is an incredible amount of flexibility in this system plus often there are assignment deadlines set at different intervals throughout the program to impose a certain sense of accountability and allowing you to learn at your own pace.

    INTERACTIVE SESSIONS: These value-soaked in-depth virtual training modules actually serve as your personal mentor and guide you from the strategic level to the tactical execution in all aspects of your life.

    EASY TO USE INTERFACE: State-of-the-art, Integrated tracking features to measure and monitor your progress with comprehensive performance reports and alert notifications sent directly to your email in real-time.

    How does the TOP GEAR ACCELERATOR work

    Learn at your own pace

    This system allows you to navigate through the entire program at your own pace in tandem with the mastermind group and there are no expiry dates! Also you will be able to practice the tools with a power-packed community of like-minded, intelligent and supportive performers and will evolve manifolds!

    Tools and Resources

    In addition to the 9 video modules, 6 webinars, 3 mastermind discovery calls, 3 Q&A sessions, you will be provided with customized supplemental tools and resources to up-level your business and life and keep your presence in the arena.

    Certification of honor

    Become the INVINCIBLE in life and business mastery and earn a certificate of honor to be in the TOP  GEAR consistently!

    Virtual Collaborate

    This course is tailored to match your skill level and business needs and is designed to create a personalized and interactive experience that allows you to get the crux of each module in comprehensive detail.

    Easy to use interface

    This unique system is focused on creating an engaging aesthetic appearance and optimized user experience giving you the ease of use and a pleasant feel.

    Built in accountability

    Allow ‘the top gear accelerator system’ to systematically monitor and evaluate your progress and help you to take the next leap to reach your fabulous goals with the bulletproof in-built feedback mechanism.

    100% Success Guarantee

    Try this game-changing system now! Take the decision to UP your life right away and see the miraculous results! You can’t afford to miss this opportunity! So plunge in the arena to lead a victorious and beautiful life you have always desired for!

    What's my investment to get into the program?

    The number of memberships are filling in super-fast as those who are already in are having a truly fantastic learning and the prices are going to hike soon! Also this program has outrageously great value compared to other programs. But you are one among those iconic personalities who constantly is striving to be in the TOP GEAR, so if you ACT NOW, you get membership into the complete program along with the bonus reinforcements plus the Grit Journal is  for ONLY ……USD!


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