Angular is one of the leading Frontend framework which helps you in developing SPA single page applications. Here we have list of all the important angular interview questions which will surely help you in cracking your first job as angular developer.

The latest version of Angular is 9 and because it is using TypeScript as a primary language for development some of these questions include  TypeScript also as that can be connected topic.

If you are serious about Angular learning and willing to make career in this then some of the angular topics like Component Lifecycle, Routing, Route-guards, Change-detection, validations and version migrations will be must read from Mentor’s Tag site.

This page is only focusing on angular interview questions so If you are interested in angular learning videos or tutorials then we have a perfect place for you here.

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What is Angular?

  • Angular is a TypeScript-based open-source web application framework, developed and maintained by Google. It offers an easy and powerful way of building front end web-based applications.
As per official site it is one framework for both mobile and desktop. Ref Link:

Which scripting language is supported for developing angular application?

  • TypeScript
  • DART (supported in angular 2 and 4 but nobody used it actually)

Which recent web browser supports TypeScript?

  • None of the browser supports TypeScript
  • Developers writes TypeScript code which gets compiled into ECMA Script based JavaScript Code so that it can run on web browsers.

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